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John & Nadja - Wedding in Mexico - Hard Rock Riviera Maya Cancun - INFINITY STUDIO FOTOGRAFICO

John and Nadja are two power and sensible guys, they have a big love story and I was very happy to be in Cancun for their great wedding day. When we meet for first time to New York Studio (Photography by Alfonso) we had a great feeling about our souls and this was very important for our shooting together.

I`ve appreciate all days together and this is a Christmas time gift for you best regard from Adriatik and me.

Thanks a lot guys, this is a little pictures` selection of your Great Wedding to Cancun-Mexico.

Thank a lot for confidence Photography by Alfonso - New York City

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you can see other wedding pictures to :

my phone Italian number :

+39 3482748827

Special thanks to Aj-Adriatik ( my fiend and partner for this wedding ) and all guys to Photography by Alfonso in New York City.

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